CAPTAIN'S COVE ADVENTURE GOLF (Derry, NH) - Brian Piehler, Owner of Captain’s Cove, uses the VALPAK Marketing Program to promote his special offers.  Brian uses many other forms of Advertising such as Newspaper, Radio, TV, Internet and other forms of direct mail and agrees that VALPAK Outperforms them all.  Brian states “The response we received from VALPAK was stronger than all of our other established forms of advertising.” Brain also takes advantage of our VALPAK’s Award Winning Digital Programs and although it represents a much smaller return than the VALPAK envelope Brian recognizes the importance of utilizing VALPAK’s 150 Search Engine Partners such as Google & Yahoo to drive folks to his website.

Brian Piehler, Owner
James Hilker, Sr. Marketing Consultant
First Mailing May 2011 - 9+ Year Valpak Client

HIDDEN VALLEY RV & GOLF PARK (Derry, NH) - Catherine started to advertise with Valpak to help promote her RV and Golf Park. She was very skeptical given that she has tried other forms of advertising without much success. Catherine is incredibly happy with the success she is seeing with her Valpak Program and when asked if she would recommend Valpak to other businesses she said “I’m picky about my advertising. I like the Valpak concept, seeing new people for the golf course. The ad is working out well. New people spend additional money in the restaurant after they finish golf. “

Ctherine Kerstead, Owner
James Hilker, Sr. Marketing Consultant
First Mailing June 2014 - 6+ Year Valpak Client

TIME TO CLAY (Nashua, NH) - Debbi Grimord, owner of Time To Clay started mailing with Valpak over FIVE YEARS ago, February 2014, to raise awareness in the market place and to build an On-Line presence. When we asked Debbi how her Valpak Print & Digital Programs are working for her and how it has changed her view of Valpak, she stated “At first, I was thinking This Isn’t going to work, Boy was I wrong. We received 33 in January, 32 in February, 41 in March and 26 in April in Digital Printouts alone! We even come up 4th on Google and I get a nice report every month on all the printouts. Valpak consistently outperforms Monthly Spectrum, Newspaper & Community Values.” When we asked Debbi if she would recommend Valpak to other business owners, she went on to say “For sure, if you want great direct mail & online presence then Valpak is the way to go. The longer I’ve been with Valpak the better my online presence become!”

Deborah Grimard, Owner
Scott Gianitsis, Marketing Consultant
First Mailing October 2014 -
5+ Year Valpak Client

CHUCKSTERS FAMILY FUN PARK (Concord, NH) - "I have used Valpak for many years to promote Chucksters Family Fun Park. I have learned the value of coupons and how they mobilize people to come here; everyone is interested in getting the best value, and Valpak puts savings in the hands of our many guests, both new and repeat. Of the many means we use to distribute information and coupons, Valpak consistently remains one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods. Lisa has been a pleasure to work with and has done a great job getting us the best deal possible. I look forward to working with her and Valpak into the future."

Mark Blasko, Owner
Lisa Richards, Sales Manager
First Mailing July 2009 - 
11+ Year Valpak Client
HAYWARD'S ICE CREAM - Chris Orday, owner of Hayward’s Ice Cream, states that his primary objective to advertising with Valpak is to raise his business profile & awareness.  Chris does Newspaper, Internet and some other Direct Mail but agrees that Valpak out pulls them all.  He will continue using Valpak and would recommend to other businesses in NH.  “I like Valpak because of the clarity of the ads.  Newspaper ads aren’t as clear. I like the flexibility of Valpak due to my seasonal business and because of my two locations.  VALPAK did a great job with the design”, states Chris.  Chris also uses our Valpak Dot Com and Digital Package and would recommend that as well to other businesses in NH.  Chris goes on to say “ Redemption's are very good, especially considering Valpak mails monthly. Valpak out performs the local Newspaper that mails bi-weekly. Valpak did better than we expected."
Chris Ordway, Owner
Submitted on June 5, 2010
First Mailing April 2012 -
5+ Year Valpak Client